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Is your business ready for the Bank Holiday?

With shopping centres closing early to celebrate the bank holiday, it’s down to websites to maintain sales and help avoid the dreaded trough. Bank holidays are another example as to why it is so important for businesses, big or small to have an online presence.

The first UK bank holiday starts next week on the 30th of March, also known as Good Friday, this is then followed by another 5, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Year’s Day. Therefore, its important that you prepare for this, as Bank holidays are days which can present a peak or trough for a business.

According to ipostParcels, us Brits are spending on average £100 billion online every year, and that isn’t set to slow down anytime soon! The trend also shows that spikes in online spending occur during bank holidays, with consumers spending an extra £1.60 per transaction. There could be numerous reasons for this bank holiday spike.

One of the biggest factors could be due to the British weather. Not many people are willing to walk around a shopping centre in the pouring rain. Especially when they know they can buy what they want from the comfort of their sofa, with a brew in hand!

Another factor for this spike could be because bank holidays occur just after pay day! We all love pay day, and we all love finding reasons to spend our money (don’t deny it). The long weekend and the good mood might just be making parting with our money that bit easier.

Regardless of the reasons for the spending spike it’s important that businesses, whether they are B2B or B2C have an online presence, available for consumers to reach, and more importantly for them to spend their money.


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