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Building momentum through effective marketing in 2018

Businesses tend to have a huge marketing push right up until the Christmas holiday season. By now these marketing campaigns tend to have fizzled out with nothing new in place. It’s the ‘easy way out’ to push your marketing efforts down the pecking order of what you come back to after the holidays, but if you’re sharp then you’ll have new marketing plans for the first quarter of the year at least.

Here are some ways that you can start the year with some big momentum and set the tone for your success in 2018.


Review your previous year and use data to set your strategy for 2018

January is especially a slow time of year for the majority of businesses, so is a great time to review what worked previously and most recently at the end of the previous year.

Now is the time to learn about key prospects. This a big way of building momentum and planning for later in the year.

Analyse your new customers and question why they bought from you. What campaigns worked well last year? What drove the highest ROI and why? Also very important – what didn’t work?

January and February are also key months to do some A/B testing. Change a web page to improve engagement, optimise contact forms to get more leads, test a few e-mail campaigns. Take away the data from these changes and apply your findings elsewhere for your upcoming efforts.


Take e-mail marketing seriously, be consistent and target right.

If you get your target audience right, your prospects want to hear from you! Analyse who your perfect prospects are and act fast. Your e-mail leads will increase significantly as a result.

It’s important that e-mail frequency is also analysed; we do not want to overdo it with e-mail campaign after campaign. 2018 is about gaining e-mail subscribers, not losing them and this will often turn them elsewhere. Quality, valuable content in emails will keep subscribers interested and increase the prospects of engagement.

Suggestions of adding value to e-mail campaigns:

  • Do you have contacts who have purchased from you or a competitor previously? Prospects who have already bought into your concept means they will engage with great content
  • Are there prospects who may have pushed back previously, but may be interested to understand your business further?
  • Offering a hook or offer to your prospects is always a solid suggestion as they will be more likely to open the e-mail in the first place


Review your content and optimise your keyword strategy

How impactful is your content for this time of year? We know that a lot of people are searching in a way that portrays the ‘new year, new me’ train of thought. How have you prepared for this? Be smart about how your paint your product or service in the mind of your prospects. Does your content explain how useful the product or service could be to your prospects RIGHT NOW?

As an example, let’s imagine you are company that specialises in private medical insurance. Gear your efforts towards improving health and the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle. Keyword research and choice of keywords are the make up of a search marketing campaign result.  Choose keywords that match what you are trying to achieve. For instance in this example, words like “get healthy” and “healthy lifestyle” are keyword phrases that tend to pop up in the new year.

Review your keyword’s from 2017 in fine detail. What worked? What do you need to consider and what do you need to get rid of for 2018?

Don’t forget your competition. Do some advanced competitor keyword research and see what they rank for. Ensure these are added to your strategy in blogs, social posts, website content, etc and drive that traffic to YOU.


Keep all of the above in mind, especially in slower periods for your business. It’s important you have a budget to keep going in these quieter patches and are still able to continue the momentum when you hit those busy moments. For more advice and consultancy, speak to one of the team at SUM on how best to approach this for your business.