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4 tips for building a Marketing Plan

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs 5 Marketing tips you need to know! creating a Marketing Plan is key before implementing any marketing campaigns, regardless of it being online or offline. With all this in mind, I’ve compiled a few handy tips for you to know when building your Marketing plan.

Be aware who your competitors are!

Knowing what your competitors are doing is crucial. You must be proactive and have a constant eye on them as this can help you prepare for anything they may throw at you. Make sure you are looking at their pricing strategy, the corporate image and their interaction with the public not just their marketing campaigns, as its these factors combined that can make the competitor look more appealing to consumers than you.

Do you know your target market?

Research your target audience and get in-depth knowledge into their behaviour. You want an understanding of them and know factors such as the times, and the technology they use. this is crucial for your marketing campaigns, you should also take into consideration that trends can change over time and so can your marketing plan.

Marketing Approaches

Once you have established where your competitors are and who your target audience is you can now plan out what marketing approaches will be efficient. Make sure the platforms you go with are those that your audience use on a regular basis. Some of the popular marketing platforms that are being used currently are: social media marketing, influencer marketing and email marketing.

Monitoring your results

Monitor the results of all your marketing campaigns, especially those that you are paying for. Its very easy for businesses to lose track of their spending and before you know it run out of marketing budget. Monitoring and refining marketing campaigns is key to minimising spending and ensuring optimal results.


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