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clock pointing to the best time to post on facebook

Is time of the essence when it comes to social media posting?

If you’re looking to boost your social media marketing efforts and online profile, it’s important to consider the statement; are you posting aimlessly on social media?


There’s many to pick from, all with different audiences, markets and times that they have the most active users.


Timing is a super decisive factor in a social media strategy, essentially there’s little point in posting content just because you have a free five minutes to do so, especially if it’s at a time when none of your fans will be scrolling!


social media platforms on an iphoneSocial media posts influence 81% of consumers and 79% consumers have liked the social media pages of a brand they like, so, if you want to reach these people, consider the times they will most likely be online.


Generally, social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram insights and Twitter and LinkedIn Analytics audience sections will help you investigate your followers’ genders, locations, interests and more. Plus, with an in depth look at insights and analytics we can also discover the times our followers are engaging with our posts.


However, researchers have taken a more rounded approach and have looked into; simply, what is the best day of the week, and time to post on your chosen social media channel?



Even with the recent scandals surrounding the platform, Facebook still continues to dominate the social landscape.


Essentially, Facebook is the social platform with the most users, therefore, having an active presence on Facebook can be the sink or swim factor for a business.


facebook icon on keysStudies have identified that the best time to post on Facebook is 3pm on weekdays! Despite the complex news feed algorithm that Facebook has, Hootsuite discovered that of all of the scheduled content they publish, the content posted out at 3pm receives a higher number of likes, comments, shares and click-throughs to websites links / videos. However, they revealed Tuesday’s are particularly slow and Wednesday’s are particularly busy – perhaps because it’s hump day and concentration on work dips leading to procrastination and scrolling!



Owned by you guessed it, Facebook… Instagram is primarily a photograph sharing platform favoured by millennials and younger generations.


Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has become the go-to platform for visual storytellers around the globe and now has over 800 million monthly users.


Research has discovered that the standard best time to post on Instagram if your audience is B2B is between 11am to 1pm Monday to Friday. Pretty self-explanatory, as it’s when workers are on their lunch break, meaning they are likely to be scrolling through Instagram whilst they eat their sandwiches.


In terms of B2C audiences, you might reach the 9-5 workers by posting at lunch time too, additionally, you might catch university and school pupils sneaking on their phones! However, for B2C audiences after 7pm on Monday to Wednesday or Sunday’s is known to be a great time to Instagram, as a spike in activity has been recorded by social media managers.



The go to for B2B marketers and business people, LinkedIn is a powerhouse when it comes to building professional connections.


Omnicore report that LinkedIn has 500 million members with 40% of these checking this the platform daily, mainly on mobile!time is the best influence on your social posting


Again, according to Hootsuite, the best time to post on LinkedIn is 7.45am, 10.45am, 12.45pm and 5.45pm, Monday to Thursday. The context behind these timings is that the B2B audiences are likely to be active at these time slots, particularly at 7am and 5pm due to commute times. In terms of the narrowness of the quarter to time slot, Hootsuite have found that LinkedIn users may see an influx of content uploaded on the hour. Therefore, picking a quarter to time slot means your content will be hopefully be unique and have visibility.


On blog LinkedIn themselves uploaded, the platform identified between 10am and 11am on a Tuesday as an ideal time to post. Although, Sunday at 8pm has been identified by many B2B marketers as a sweet spot in terms of content post timings. This could be because many workers are starting to get back into the work mind-set after the weekend, especially if they have just sat down to watch TV after putting the kids to bed!



Twitter is brilliant for business. It’s easy to converse with followers and non-followers on Twitter, keep customers updated, share photographs and links and build brand awareness.


Every second 6,000 tweets are sent, corresponding to over 200 billion tweets a year.


Research by Sprout Social found that Friday is the best day to tweet. Sprout’s data scientists analysed the best times to tweet for various industries from education to retail but as a standard said that between 9am and 10am is the most engaged with time period. This could be due to workers and students checking Twitter ahead of the weekend. So, aim to put your best content of the week out on a Friday morning!



Pinterest is again, one of the more visual of social platforms. With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest feeds our need to see beautiful photographs of weddings, holidays, clothes, interior design and food.


Plus, the lifetime of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post so don’t overlook the power of Pinterest if your brand sits in one of the above industries.


pinterest blocksDue to Pinterest’s Smartfeed and algorithms, Pinterest uses active engagements to rank your content, thus, pushing it out to more user’s feeds. This means if your pin flops initially because it’s posted at a bad time, Pinterest’s users who are hungry to see beautiful imagery won’t even see your content at all!


An outcast compared to other social platforms, Pinterest is most active during the late evening. Optimum engagement time is after 8pm, with traffic peaking often as late as 11pm, according to the number crunchers at Fannit.


So, if it’s plentiful web traffic, retweets or shares that you’re after, it’s definitely worth considering the time you share your content on social. Using a social post scheduling tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, Planoly, SE Ranking, Sprout Social or Later is a great idea if you want to try out posting at different times, to see which time works best for your brand on a variety of channels. Many of the social media scheduling tools have free trials or allow three free profiles; perfect for small businesses.


Alternatively, why not let us at SUM take care of all your social media management needs, from content calendars to schedules, we’re pros! Get in touch here.