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Why is Social Media Marketing important for a business?

Social Media Marketing has reached an all-time high in terms of popularity over the last few years and is only going to further increase. More businesses are now using Social Media Marketing to generate leads, increase their brand awareness, and much more.  Despite this, there are still people out there that question whether their business really does require Social Media Marketing. The simply the answer is yes and this handy article explores the important reasons to why you should use Social Media Marketing.

Firstly, Social Media Marketing can help divert targeted traffic to your website. Every Social Media platform you use opens up a path to how your targeted customers can reach you organically. Not only this, but Social Media Marketing opens your business up to a wider audience, one that you may have not realised existed.

Whilst Social Media Marketing doesn’t necessarily increase your SEO Ranking directly, it has been recognised by many that after a year of implementing their Social Media Marketing they had seen an increase in SEO ranking. Content such as blogs, case studies and business information are great examples of content which you can integrate your keywords into for an improved ranking.

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits to Social Media Marketing is that it can help develop a loyal customer base for your business. Regularly engaging with your customers and developing a bond with them can help create repeat sales and give you valuable insights into what your customers think of your products/services.

Finally, 91% of brands are using Social Media Marketing, which probably means your competitors are too! You as a business want to make sure you reach your customers before your competitors do, or else you’ll find it a lot harder, and probably more expensive to gain these after.


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