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Things to consider when implementing Influencer Marketing

Since the immense wave that has been social media a new marketing era has formed, this being Influencer Marketing. Statistics show that now 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. Therefore, investing in Influencer Marketing makes sense. However, there is a few things that must be considered before enrolling on this type of marketing.

Make sure it is part of your marketing budget

A misconception many businesses have is that they can trade their product or service for Influencer Marketing. While some micro-influencers may do this, many do not. Some of the biggest non-celebrity influencers still command payment in the thousands so it is essential you integrate this into your overall marketing budget.

Numbers isn’t always everything

Researching influencers is critical, sometimes influencers with the biggest number of followers isn’t always the best. Look into the post engagement i.e number of shares, likes and comments, as some influencers may have a high number of followers and little engagement.

Test out an influences service before

A good Marketing Influencer will want to create a good relationship with their vendor therefore they won’t be offended if you ask them to run small tests to see the response rate etc. Only once you’re happy with the results you should set up a proposal.

It’s a waiting game

Patience is key to seeing results. Many companies expect to see a surge in sales as soon as a influencer has done their work. This is often not the case, like any good marketing campaign consistency and hard work is behind its success.


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