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SEO tips and tricks!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a confusing and sometimes stressful marketing concept for businesses. However, with the digital world ever-changing it is imperative that businesses, be it big or small enrol on it. Because of this we have complied some handy SEO tips that are quick and easy to implement- and won’t blow your mind!

Make sure your website is Mobile-friendly

Since the introduction of smartphones there has been a significant shift in how consumers browse the web. Once upon a time, desktops were the most popular platform to access the internet, but this is far from accurate now. So be aware of your website on a mobile device. According to MicKinsey & Company, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site if they are having trouble accessing it, whilst another 40% said they would visit a competitors site instead. This means if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, you could be losing out on some serious online traffic.

Keep an eye on Google’s rules!

Google alters their algorithms almost every day without warning, and its these changes that can affect your SEO the most. Google do give you some SEO hints and tips, but these are often seen on Google Search Console, and usually pop up when Google believe you’ve done something ‘wrong’. Keeping a constant eye on algorithm changes will allow you to be reactive and get ahead of your competitors.

Write blogs and News updates!

The easiest way to improve your SEO is to regularly post blogs and news updates. These blogs and news updates should be relevant to your brand or industry and, should include keywords that Google can pick up on.

Use internal Linking to optimise your site!

Creating internal links is a great way to gain a higher SEO ranking and keep visitors on the site longer. Blogs are a great way of doing this, but make sure the links follow the same topics and themes creating a simple customer journey.


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