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seo and the travel industry

SEO and the Travel Industry

The past year has been challenging for the travel industry; with the threat of terrorism becoming more widespread amongst many countries, including the UK, and natural disasters majorly impacting tourism overseas.

However, despite this, research conducted by UK travel association ABTA revealed the number of Brits booking holidays increased during 2016.

For companies operating in the travel industry, a key driver in business success is getting those holiday-goers to choose your holidays and your company. Travel SEO is an important tool in achieving that desired success…


86% of Brits took a holiday in 2016

Overall, 86% of Brits said they took a holiday either at home or abroad last year; a significant increase on the previous year (77%).

More than half took a holiday overseas and almost three quarters took a UK break.

Young families with at least one child under five took the most UK holidays, with more than a quarter taking at least four domestic holidays in one year.

Do you know who your customers are? Does your digital marketing target this audience?


More than 75% of people book holidays online

Figures have revealed more than three quarters of people booked a holiday online in 2016, while only a fifth booked their getaway in-store or by phone.

45-54 year olds and those with older children are the groups most likely to book a holiday online (82%) and these groups are also least likely to book in-store.

How do online visitors find your website? How have you optimised your website for search?


92% of online holidays bookings made via desktop

The majority of people (92%) use desktop to book their trips.

Bookings on tablets have remained fairly steady since last year (23%); but mobile phone bookings have seen a decline (13%). Research suggests that this could be because people find the mobile booking experience more difficult.

Does your website focus on user experience with a straight-forward booking process? Are you losing potential sales because your website isn’t mobile responsive?


Understanding Travel SEO

SEO is the process of showcasing a website’s authority and value based on the service and information it provides – with an overall goal of increasing search visibility and rankings for key search terms.

With an online focus being so prevalent in the travel industry, SEO should be a high priority for any travel company seeking digital success.

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