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Google reintroducing Featured Snippets!

Google recently released a blog announcing they have some new development in process, one blog in particularly is an overview of what featured snippets are and giving us readers valuable insights into the way these snippets have been developed.

A featured snippet, also known as a position zero result, Is an organic search result that has been around for some time now. With this being said, the featured snippets are designed to provide users of the Google Search engine with the answer to any of their queries in the search results, instead of directing users to another website.

There are many different forms of these featured snippets, the most common ones being;


– Lists

– Step by Step answers

And an upcoming favourite:

– Video Snippets.

So why are featured snippets important for brands? These featured snippets show strong quality signal to users, and, if brands can occupy this on the Google Search Results its puts them in a very strong position in front of potential consumers. This will help the brand build and develop a strong customer sentiment within the customer journey. Occupying a featured snippet will become even more important once developments such as voice search for mobile become popular. Soon we can expect more than one featured snippet being present in the Google Search Results.

One of Google’s latest featured snippet development will now allow the users to refine their featured snippet result, but this is only when there is an element of ambiguating to their search query.  Featured snippets is going to become more prominent in SERPS, therefore it is imperative for brands to be aware and develop their organic search and content strategies accordingly.