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Why “The Beast from the East” proves that your business needs a Website!

As the Beast From the East and Storm Emma pelts the UK nation with heavy winds and vicious snow storms, what effect will this have on shopping trends? With most Britons now confined to the safety of the indoors unable to visit high street stores or even supermarkets, online shopping is expected to see a substantial spike. Of course, for your business to reap the benefits of this weather it is imperative that you have a website for snowed in shoppers to visit and purchase from.

Research now shows that more than half of the world’s population uses the internet of which a large proportion of that usage will be to research products and services, this therefore makes the web the ideal platform to get your business in front of potential consumers. Furthermore, EcoConsultancy stated that UK online retail sales alone reached £133bn in 2016, an increase of £18bn, or 15.9%, year-on-year, meaning if your business isn’t online, you may be missing out,  ESPECIALLY when house-bound consumers are scrolling through their phones, Googling on their tablet’s and browsing on their computers in these snowy conditions.

The importance of creating an online presence is fundamental to the success of your company, especially if the snow prevents footfall to your business. If you are wondering why having a website is so important, here are three reasons:

Credibility & Trust: Having a website for your business will help you increase your business’ credibility and trust. The more visible you are and the easier you are to contact, the better chance you have of converting a visitor into a prospect and then into a loyal customer. With the storm keeping consumers snowed in, the chances of them of coming across your website during endless web searching is increased tenfold.

Once Central Place: Having a website gives your audience one central place to find everything they need. Someone who searches for a product/service does not want to spend ages trying to find it information they require to encourage purchase. This information should be easy and simple to locate.

Increased Reach: If you are a business that has high street stores where most conversion occur primarily offline, you might be under the impression that having a website is more hassle than it’s worth. Think about how having a website will bring you NEW customers because whilst someone might not be located in close proximity to your high street store, they will be able to purchase from you online.

If you are reading this and thinking these reasons apply to your business, then speak to us here at SUM for free advice on how we can help you creative a website and reach your goals.