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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay- per- click advertising (PPC) is a comprehensive model which allows advertisers to display ads for their goods and services on search engine results (also known as SERP). There are many reasons as to why a company conducts PPC advertising within their marketing model, this could be due to benefits such as; increase in sales, brand awareness and generating leads. All of which cappcn be achieved if the PPC campaign is managed efficiently.


The ad displayed to the user will be relevant to what they have searched for, thus, targeting the relevant audience. Like its name, the advertiser will only pay a fee if their ad has been clicked on, therefore impressions – this being people viewing the ad, but not clicking is free of charge.


The two main platforms used for PPC advertising is Google AdWords and Bing ads. Google AdWords was launched in 2000 and despite undergoing several changes since its launch, it’s still the largest of the two, and is utilised by companies both large and small. Bing Ads is far younger in comparison and is primarily a keyword-based advertising platform


However, both platforms have the same principles, this being that the PPC advertising will only appear when the user has typed in the same keyword that is used with that particular ad. For example, if someone types into Google ‘red socks’ only ad’s which use that term for their keyword will be displayed. The ads shown is entirely dependent upon the Ad Auction, and not on who has paid the most. Ad Auction is an automated process conducted by search engines such as Google to determine the relevancy of that ad to the user.


There are different ad types, some of which will not be relevant to your business so it’s important to do your research and see which one will boost the best return. It is also important to conduct extensive targeting, this will ensure that those who are viewing and clicking on your ad are the target audience.


Managing a successful PPC campaign can be time consuming, and if not set up properly expensive. If you require additional advice on how to set up your campaign, feel free to contact our dedicated team here.