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The Email Marketing advice to go by!

Email marketing done right is a great way of building and nurturing consumers whilst getting key messages across. Email Marketing can increase repeat sales and build relationships between business and consumer. We’ve put together some useful advice that our marketing experts go by to help you get to grips with email marketing.

Don’t be upset if people unsubscribe!

Some marketers get upset when they see that people have unsubscribe from their emails, but what many don’t realise is that this can actually be a good thing. You have to think of it from a business perspective, you don’t want to be sending emails to those who aren’t interested in your brand. No matter how many times you email them, the likely chance of them buying from you is slim (its not you, its them). Focus on sending emails to the consumers who are enthusiastic about your brand, because they are the ones who will be willing to buy from you.

Is your content valuable?

A big misconception that businesses have is that if they don’t send out regular marketing emails they’ll be forgotten by the consumer. But, frequently sending out emails that don’t contain valuable content to the reader is far worse. Regurgitating information for the sake of sending emails out becomes boring, and eventually your readers will unsubscribe. Make sure each email holds value for your reader.

The more tests the better!

One thing that is common with businesses is to send out an email campaign without properly testing it. Readers then click on dead links, find spelling mistakes and have image display issues- a big no no if you’re wanting to look professional. Most email marketing platforms will allow you to send yourself a test email prior to sending it to your contact list. Also, there is no harm in sending the campaign internally to other staff members. After all, a fresh pair of eyes can pick up on something you may have missed.


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