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How To Create Brand Identity

How To Create Brand Identity

At SUM.AGENCY we have worked with a variety of business helping create their brand, from start-ups to blue-chip clients across a wide range of industries. Here are some simple steps on how to create your brand identity.


  • Begin with a Strategy – Before we even start looking at your new brand identity, we have to draw up a brand strategy to form a set of values as well as a proposal that both you & us agree on. If a brand strategy isn’t produced at the start of creating your brand identity, there will be no benchmark to see whether the branding identity is relevant.


  • Work alongside a Brief – If there is a brief that has been drawn up from a clear brand strategy, it allows both you and us to come to an agreement on your brand identity. If there is no brief provided, we would be relying too much on an intuitive idea of the solution, which runs the risk of a difference of agreement.


  • Carry out Research – There are many things to consider when creating a brand identity. The main one would be its “personality”. This contains its history, function & ethos behind it all. We will work alongside you to make sure you take into account who your client is and what the company is about. This includes your target market, formats and outlets on where to promote your business and how you wish your brand to be perceived.


  • Measure the Expectations – We usually allow you to do your own exploration into finding relevant information for your branding. It allows your to see what you like as well as how broad your understanding of design is. This will then allow us to see how we can counter-balance this.


  • Your Competition – We will work alongside you to find out what works for your competitors, and how to implement that into your own brand identity. We will look at colours, typefaces and their visual styles to create something unique to create your own identity.


  • Forget the Logo – Brands aren’t built on logos alone. When we work with you to create a brand identity, we don’t focus on individual element. We focus on the larger picture and how all your elements will interact with each other consistently. The logo maybe the glue that holds the brand identity together, but if the rest isn’t consistent, it’s pointless.


  • We won’t forget YOU – We know that you know your business product or service a lot better than we ever will. This is why we work alongside you with the brand strategy, to then use our creative skills to produce an amazing brand identity that your business, product or service needs.


  • Keep it Simple – You don’t want an over-complicated brand identity. They just don’t work. We limit the colour palettes, details and typography for you to produce a simple, yet effective identity that can become timeless as well as move alongside your ever-changing visual landscape.


  • That ‘Special Something’ – If we do not highlight that ‘special something’ about your business, product or service at the beginning, we will be missing a huge opportunity to connect with the audience that the brand must attract. This is a large part of your brand identity. Getting this wrong would create a headache further down the line for both you and us.


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