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Start-up your business idea in less than a week!

At SUM.AGENCY, we love working with entrepreneurs and start-ups to bring a new business idea live. Imagine how excited we were when approached to support Kristyna Hawkett, formerly area manager at Regus Chertsey and Weybridge, who had an idea on a Friday night while talking to friends… and was ready to start up her idea the very next week! We were truly inspired by Kristyna’s drive to get her business, Square Aupair up and running in such a short space of time and decided to catch up with her following the launch of her news website – :

What made you decide to give up a secure full time job to jump into running your own company?

My passion that overrides any of my fears. I believe that life gives you clues and you either take them and open the next door or you don’t. One Friday evening, I came home from work and by Monday morning, I had the idea for my next step, registered my business, came up with the name Square AuPair and created my logo. I also worked for a company that had a lot of start up businesses as clients that inspired me every day and I had a micromanaging boss that made me stop and think why I’m working so hard for someone else that will never appreciate it.

Why an Aupair Agency?

I have a huge passion for the Au Pair industry in the UK – I have experience of being both the au pair and also the host family. I don’t think a lot of families realize how much freedom and how many benefits having an au pair brings to the whole family and how economical it is if you compare it to other childcare options (and petcare in some cases!). You only ever hear the bad stories and in pretty much all cases, the right “matching” process hasn’t been followed by the Au Pair agency. I would like to change the perception of  this – we are able to provide a whole range of services to both families and au pairs – we work with first aid course providers, driving lessons schools (so au pairs can get used to driving on the left side) and even creating workshops with a children’s books author.

What has the journey been like so far? Have you faced any challenges?

The journey has been fast, scary, fun, petrifying and one of huge learning. The biggest challenge has been people’s raised eyebrows and asking “you have done whaaaat”?  I’ve met so many new people and already have two more ideas planted in my head that I fear I will never look back and say “now I’m done”!

How can Square Aupair help families across the UK?

If you are a parent you will understand this – we will remove the guilt of not having enough fun and quality time with your children. If you have the right support for your family that will help you with your day to day lives, suddenly the time you gain together is all about the quality. For my own family, having an au pair has been nothing but fantastic, from having the time to focus on my daughter’s homework and actually wanting to read her more books at bedtime to be able to go out with my husband without the panic of finding a babysitter.

Any advice for individuals who would also like to bring their business ideas to life?

Don’t overthink it and do it! If you have the passion and knowledge, it will work.