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Do you know what you need for an Exhibition/Trade Show?

Exhibitions and Trade shows are a great way of getting your products/ services noticed by your target consumers. It also enables you to gain insights to who your customers are, what they want out of a product/ service, and their opinions.

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into attending an Exhibition/ Trade show. Remember, you will be in a large room with hundreds of other businesses, some may even be your competitors, so it is more important than ever to make sure your business stands out!

The art of attraction is often hard to master, especially in an Exhibition/ Trade show, but by having bright and well-presented print work you can guarantee you will get some attention.

A big must during Exhibitions/Trade Shows is business cards. Whether the purpose of this is to give to potential customers or for networking purposes (a benefit which often comes from exhibitions/ trade shows). Nobody will remember your name or number if they don’t receive a well-designed business card.

Furthermore, banners, leaflets, and merchandise are also excellent ways of getting your brand noticed in a busy Exhibition or Trade show. Banners will brighten up your stand and create that initial attraction to potential consumers. Leaflets can be a great way of giving your customers a summary of what you do, and how you can benefit them. These are especially helpful if your stand gets busy during the Exhibition/Trade show and you are unable to talk to everyone. Branded merchandise can be an added bonus at Exhibitions/Trade shows as it creates a constant reminder to the person who received one of your business. For example, branded mugs; every time that potential consumers uses it they will be reminded of your business.

Are you looking to get noticed during your Exhibition/ Trade show? We have a team dedicated to Design, Print and merchandise Contact Us.