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How to increase your online traffic

Online traffic is imperative for any successful website regardless of your business being B2B, B2C, Non-profit or global. A website is a virtual shop for your consumers, this not only allows online traffic to make a purchase but, gives them information about your business. We’ve put together some useful tips that can help your business increase its online traffic without having to spend too much.

Are you using Search Engine Optimisation?

Also known as SEO, your webpages need to be full of useful content and keywords, this will help your website rank in search results and gain online traffic. Don’t just pick a keyword out of a hat, make sure you do your research. Keyword research will allow you to see how many times a word is searched. This will also enable you to decide what keywords you are going to use in your contents to increase your online traffic.

On the go browsing

Around 10 years ago online traffic predominantly came from desktop users, however since the introduction of smartphones and tablets the source of online traffic has shifted dramatically. Not only are more people surfing the web, but they are doing it on Mobiles and Tablets, all whilst on the go. Make sure your website is mobile user friendly, as this could be a big chunk of your overall online traffic- even if you are B2B!

Quality over Quantity!

Whilst having lots of content, filled with keywords will help your website rank, you must consider whether this content is useful for the online traffic. Buyers are becoming more selective with what they read, so make sure you are clear, concise and most importantly to the point. A good quality website will make Online traffic feel at ease and make them want to stay on your website longer.

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