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GDPR is coming! Are you ready?

According to the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , which comes into play on the 25th of May will be the biggest shake up of personal data privacy rules since the internet began. This means that any organisation which doesn’t conform to the new law will be subject to substantial fines.


GDPR data protection fingerprint

The General Data Protection Regulation is a data protection law which is applicable across all EU countries. Companies will no longer be allowed to gather someone’s personal details without their consent or knowledge. This includes details such as; email addresses, photos, bank details, online behaviour (cookies) and even social media names. GDPR will directly apply to any organisations, big or small, which possess EU resident’s data, despite where the company is headquartered.


Data gathering methods such as having pre-ticked opt-in boxes on websites will no longer comply with GDPR, in its replace companies will have to implement a double opt-in process. This process will have in detail what the purpose of the data collection is, and if ticked the company will have to send a follow up email to double check they are happy with consenting.


GDPR also allows consumers the ‘right to be forgotten’ upon their request, meaning all their data must be erased including any linked organisations.


GDPR and Brexit

Regardless of Brexit and Article 50 being triggered, the UK will also have to follow this policy and will continue to follow this even after the UK leaves the EU. Ministers say this will help companies prepare for Brexit and will mean British law will be in alignment with the rest of Europe.


Large companies such as Facebook rolled out their Data Protection policy principles in January, with the Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook saying these principles ‘guide our work’ and that Facebook now want to give users ‘more control of their privacy’.


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