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What grants are available to your business in order to implement marketing?

When it comes to marketing projects the costs and stress can build up when you try and go it alone. Unfortunately, business owners, charities and one-man bands are often unaware of what marketing grants and bursaries are available to them which can solve that exact problem. These grants when paired with a digital marketing agencies’ expertise and simple processes can take away that stress and lead to a digital expansion which not only grows their online presence but also improves their reputation and sales.


So, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest marketing grants to gain access to, which can be spent on everything from PPC to web builds.


1. Google Grants – Are you a non-for profit that wants to improve your marketing? Do you want to build charity awareness, recruit volunteers, generate new contributors and donators or build corporate sponsorships? If yes, then Google have an amazing £8000 monthly grant available for you. Google recognise that charities may not always have the biggest budgets to spend on digital marketing, so this free £270 a day can make a huge difference. With five simple steps you can enrol and begin raising awareness with your charity ad placed at the top of Google!

Google adwords ppc is great for charities marketing strategies


How we can help you spend your grant:


We can create you a bespoke and creative PPC campaign which targets your desired demographic, taps into their interests and plays on their passions and philanthropies. We will help you captivate your audience, ensuring they care about your cause.


We can help drive traffic directly to your website via this campaign leading to donations, browsing and awareness.


We can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign by delving into the insights, analytics and metrics the campaign reveals.


Apply for your Google Grant here.


2. Innovation Voucher for Small Businesses – Revamping your businesses’ online presence is essential to keep your brand competitive in the busy world of SME’s. Luckily, in South Yorkshire a voucher is available for SME’s to spend on online opportunities. These could be ICT solutions like video conferencing tools, Client Relationship Management systems, cloud solutions, new products and processes, digital marketing or a new website design. A website increases your visibility to potential customers, gives you a platform to promote your services or products and builds credibility and trust. Despite living in a digital age where consumers’ first point of call is the internet, shockingly two million small UK based businesses do not have a website. Often, businesses who do, have a second-rate website which has broken functions, poor user experience and little engagement which leads to them suffering knock on effects and loss of revenue.

web design drives sales and awareness

How we can help you spend your Innovation Voucher:


We can design you an advanced, mobile friendly, original and beautiful website which gives customers a window into your business with a narrative that encourages and drives sales.


Apply for your Innovation Voucher here.



3. North East Business Support Fund – Across the North East, including County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Tees Valley there is a scheme available to help businesses grow and develop, particularly in the digital space. Project Grants are within this fund, a sum of 35% of a project costing between £3,000 and £8,000 can be awarded to a small business who are implementing a programme to aid their growth. The organisers state that most common uses of the money so far have included hiring social media marketing management agencies and new website builds.

social media can help massively drive your brand awareness


How we can help you spend your Project Grant:


We can create you a social media content strategy, plan and calendar to help reach your target audiences across a range of social media platforms, suggesting the ones we believe will benefit your business the most, whether you’re B2C or B2B.


We can allocate you a campaign manager to write, create and schedule your social media content and respond to, like and share relevant content that represents your brand. They will also monitor your competitors.


We can provide you with detailed insights, analytics and reports, indicating the successes of your social media campaign and recommend strategies for future social media campaigns.


Apply for a project grant here.


If you’d like to chat to Sum about spending grants on our marketing services you can contact us here.