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Can Your Business Benefit from Local SEO

Can Your Business Benefit from Local SEO?

Nowadays, Local SEO isn’t just for small local businesses. With the way people find information changing, it’s now more important than ever to get your business involved with Local SEO, regardless of it’s size.


Over the next few years, we predict that Local SEO is going to become even more popular. Here are some reasons why:


  • Google loves Local Business – Over the past few years, Google has shown favouritism towards the newer, smaller companies. Whilst we are aware that most of it’s ranking algorithm is based on the brand‘s history & authority, Google also wants to give their users what they want, therefore having to show the smaller businesses.


  • There will be more individualised results – Google is great at giving people individualised results. Goole is already able to give specific results based on the user that’s searching. As long as that user is logged into a Google account, Google will be able to pick up on their search history & geographic location, which both play a critical part in the type of results you see.


  • The increase in mobile & wearable devices – Every year, searches performed on mobile devices is increasing, and as you are probably aware, the majority of these searches are performed while ‘on the move’, usually looking for businesses around for specific needs. With the wearable device, such as the Apple Watch becoming even more popular with search, this type of search will only continue to increase.


  • Increase in your Competition – Millions of websites are being created every year and thousands of businesses are getting involved with online marketing. With this competition increasing, business owners will be forced to find more niche targets in order to retain their visibility. One of the most cost effective & time efficient ways of doing this is to start targeting locally online.


To see if your business can benefit from Local SEO, contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation with a member of the SUM.AGENCY team.