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marketing fails billboard

Marketing fails to make you smile!

We’ve all seen them, the billboards fails that we have to do a double take, the ones which make the kids point and laugh, and our granny shouts ‘sweet Jesus’. We thought we’d try and make your day that little bit better and compile together some of the worst we’ve found!

1. She did what?

Sheet in the pool

Personally, I had to look at this a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly, thank god I was. But I’m sure the real question is, why is this woman taking a sheet (emphasis on the word sheet, and not the word you are thinking of) in the pool. Hmm.

2. Reassuring consumers they wont die after a sip…

Billboard fail for the Kool-Aid company

Well. This says it all really. Cue the angry mob of cult leaders who have lost out on a lot of followers.

3.Typo errors can be the worst!

Typo error fail on billboard

Ok, so we’ve all had it, when we’ve been on a rant in our Whatsapp group and we’ve put ducking instead of… well you get the idea. But just image how mortified this company was when they realised the C and L within the word ‘click’ were far too close together.

4. Its rude to point

Billboard fail with McDonalds

Clearly McDonald’s didn’t get this memo when they decided to play a game of name calling, let’s just hope this woman channels her inner Beyoncé and embraces her beautiful curves.

5. Larry Lies…

Billboard fail larry archie

I’m not too sure about the choice of wording here Larry… I mean, surely if you did it, then you’re guilty? Let’s just hope he doesn’t use that quote whilst in court.

6. Oh lordy!

Billboard fail with woman and cat

I have no words. Of all the places this billboard had to peel it had to be where a kitten was lurking underneath. I guarantee a lot of eyebrows were raised from this. Meoww…