Mobile Friendly vs Non Mobile

If you’re not mobile friendly yet, then we must ask you a very important question – Why Not?! Having a mobile friendly website isn’t excusable anymore. Entering into 2017, you need a Mobile Friendly website, otherwise you’re missing out on a lot of customers that will end up going to your competitors, who more than likely have a mobile friendly website!

Having separate websites for desktop & mobile doesn’t quite cut it anymore, either. There is something called a “Meta Viewport”, that you need to adhere to. This is where you can go from one device resolution to another without the website having to reload or not optimising at all. Google will mark you down if you don’t stick to the Meta Viewport rule!

Mobile Friendly & Mobile Responsiveness Importance

The importance of having a mobile friendly website could literally determine your business. Imagine building a reputation for your business, for it to be knocked down by a bad website? Take steps forward, not steps back – optimise your business for mobile first!

The Future of Mobile Friendly

Being mobile friendly in the future is a huge area of interest. Trends can predict the future, but only when it happens do those trends become factual. Based off previous trends & the growth in mobile devices & mobile usage on the internet, Mobile friendly websites are pretty much needed. Visiting a website on a mobile device & it not being mobile friendly is, to say the least, awful.

Working Towards a Mobile Friendly Future

SUM.AGENCY love Mobile First. A Mobile Friendly website can secure your mobile friendly future – but some businesses struggle to conjure a plan in how to achieve certain goals, such as developing their future. Luckily, we’re here to help you. With 2017 just around the corner, we are here to take you into the New Year with a big bang.

Get in touch with SUM.AGENCY today, & get Mobile Friendly!