Here at :SUM: we strive on client satisfaction, this means coming up with some completely out of the box ideas and designs to suit the clients specifications. With Salt & Honey Bistro we did just that.

The client wanted to make the most out of showcasing their food on the website. Imagery in the food industry works wonders if used correctly. The client provided us with amazing photos of food they had created which we used in the correct places throughout the website.
The client also wanted us to maintain and update their website, uploading Recipes of the Month and blog posts.

Once the website had been completed, the client wanted to use it as a selling tool to increase inbound sales. We worked alongside the client to make sure firstly if there was a market for the keyword phrases that wanted to be targeted and secondly what the competition was like. Being a Bistro based in the busy Paddington area in London, there was a lot of competition, but we used our knowledge and produced the results below.

Web Design


Some Results…