(Pay Per Click).

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is often thought to be an easy task, while very few business owners see the value behind it. PPC is in fact a thorough & precise digital marketing process, including everything from budget allocation, keyword research, geo research & Ad content.

Luckily, we do it all!

(& we don't mean to show off, but we're Google Adwords & Analytics Accredited!)

Social Media Marketing.

"Social Media?!" "Marketing?!", you may be thinking. Well, yes. Social Media Marketing is definitely a very important part of digital marketing, & quite frankly, a good way to sell & engage with customers, new or existing.

From ads to engaging, it is beneficial. You can attract new customers in through Social Media Ads, or even someone liking or sharing an engaging post, such as a promotional offer or discount.

Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is a large part of Digital Marketing - even though you wouldn't think it initally. Rather than finding new customers, it's more of a remarketing technique - so you can resell to your current customers, time & time again. It's also a helpful way to get news about your business out to followers, & to promote certain events or promotions.

Never underestimate the power of Email Marketing!

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