Transparency in Marketing

Transparency in Marketing is certainly a key factor. Most agencies are quite selfish in that aspect, as they think that letting clients know the ins & the outs of Marketing will push them to take their Marketing on themselves.

If you really think that then you don’t deserve to be in Marketing. Period.

Being transparent about your techniques & demonstrating your knowledge should be enough to keep your clients as clients. Paired with excellent customer service & you’ve got a winning combination.

Mitigating Transparency in Marketing

Hiding things & pulling the wool over your clients eyes is a big no no. I believe this is fraudulent. Why would you want your client’s to pay for something they’re clueless about, uneducated about & oblivious to? All of SUM.AGENCY‘s portfolio is a perfect example of the work we do – with results as proof.

Reporting on your work is an excellent way to keep track of where you’re at & it also provides statistical data for your clients to interpret. This allows for you to prove that what you’re doing is working – or in what areas your work needs improvement. A Digital Marketing Agency that doesn’t provide reporting or an update of what’s what is either hiding something, or they’re that inexperienced that they don’t know how to effectively report back to you.

Educating About Marketing

Here at SUM.AGENCY we take education seriously. We don’t just provide a service, we provide an insight into everything. Working with SUM.AGENCY is an adventure, with your own special team that aids you every step of the way. We have recently introduced workshops, where we educate you on such topics as SEO, Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Design. These workshops are aimed to give you an insight into what we do, how we do it & to answer any questions that you may have about these topics. The most questionable topic is actually Digital Marketing, as most people don’t understand what it is, how it’s done & why they need it. Knowledge is power in 2017!

Marketing Questions?

Get in touch with SUM.AGENCY today, & we will assist you the best we with answers – hopefully we can sit down and work together on your project!